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Contact Us First – We Have Trained Experts Ready to Help with your Water Damage Claim & Insurance Assistance

Insurance Experts…We have trained experts ready to help…

Why do customers call Washington Water Damage & Cleaning? Because they handle the insurance and make things easy for you when you have flooding, water damage, fire damage etc…

Your Rights: for homeowner insurance claims – You have the right to select your own restoration contractor.

As the insured, you have the option under your insurance policy and the right under Washington State Law to select the restoration company of your choice.

Q: My insurance company has told me that they want me to use one of their preferred restoration contractors. Will this be a problem if I don’t use one of their preferred contractors?

NO, as the insured YOU GET TO choose the restoration contractor, not your insurance company. Your insurance company may suggest a list of contractors or “preferred providers” that it may have worked with before, or who have agreements with them. However, you have the right to select your own contractor. Use the restoration company of your choice.

What’s Next:

The single most important thing you can do to maximize the likelihood that your claim will be paid-out in full is contact Washington Water Damage & Cleaning as soon as your home or business has experienced any type of water, mold, and fire or sewage damage. Insurance companies are most likely to reimburse their policy holders who can demonstrate that they made every attempt to quickly resolve their issue and mitigate further damage. By immediately contacting one of our comprehensively certified specialists, you can help ensure you will receive the support and policy backed coverage that you and your family need to put you back in the position you were prior to experiencing property damage.

Contact Us First

We’re sorry if you’ve suffered damage due to water, fire, smoke or mold, and now have to claim it on your insurance policy.

Fortunately, by calling Washington Water Damage & Cleaning, you will enjoy a significant advantage when it comes to maximizing your insurance coverage. Experience the full support our customers in similar shoes have, by working with certified insurance specialist who truly cares about you.

For more information call 1-866-618-7774
OR email Scott or Alvin

Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Certified Insurance Claim Specialists

The advantage of working with a Restoration Company that is an Insurance Claim Specialist:

  • We Work With Your Insurance Company – Insurance Trained Experts
  • With over 25 Years of experience, we know how to get your property back to normal in an efficient manner.
  • Direct Billing to Your Insurance Company
  • As Insurance Reimbursement Specialists we bill all major insurance carriers, and will handle all aspects of filing insurance claims for homeowners and commercial businesses- so you don’t have to!
  • Peace of Mind- Professionals That Give You That Extra Assistance
  • Washington Water Damage will take care of any concerns about insurance companies for you, the customer!
  • Rest assured that we will do everything we can to make your water, mold, sewage, fire damage experience as painless as we possibly can.
  • Help Alleviate the Insurance Aspect – A Trustworthy Guide Loyal To You The Customer
  • We will help alleviate your stress by explaining our process to you every step of the way steering you through the requirements of your property insurance company.
  • Stressful parts of handling an insurance claim is negotiating with your insurance provider. With us, we take this job off of your shoulders so you and your family can concentrate on getting back to your life.
  • Assistance in Insurance Claim Submission
  • There can be a lot of paperwork and documentation involved in the insurance process. Our Insurance Claim Experts help you navigate the insurance claim maze with ease and recover your settlement check in a timely manner.
  • We Work for You, Protecting your interests, above that of the insurance company – the protection of your health and property is our top priority!
  • Some insurance carriers have “preferred restoration contractors” that they recommend, who they have arrangements with to handle insurance claim losses in a certain way, most times with pre-determined prices set. These preferred restoration companies might not hold as their top priority the protection of your health and property.
  • We take pride in OUR responsibility to interpret insurance policies and formulate, present and negotiate claims on your behalf.
  • Let Us Help Get You Back To Pre-Loss Condition
  • We work hard to help expedite the process of getting your property back to pre-loss condition with your insurance company.
  • As our top priority, we are dedicated in assisting you with receiving your property loss settlement check in a timely manner, which includes obtaining the maximum settlement possible.
  • We have years of experience handling the negotiation process while protecting our clients’ interests!
Nobody is better equipped to walk you through this process than our Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Insurance Specialists – thanks to our decades of local experience and well-established relationships with all major insurance providers.
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