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Certified Disaster Restoration Technicians

The technicians at Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services are experienced and certified in disaster restoration. We can either clean your damaged items on-site at your home or we can bring them into our state-of-the-art restoration facility.

Our technicians understand how important your personal items are, so they always handle them with respect and care. We also use a variety of cleaning techniques to make sure the cleaning process is easy and effective.

Specialty Items

Since Washington Water Damage uses a variety of cleaning techniques in our restoration process, our technicians are able to return the items to their original condition before the damage occurred. We also work with a network of reliable subcontractors who specialize in unique items, like pianos, artwork, clocks, and antiques. No matter the type of item, our restoration services can clean it. We first determine the best technique to use on the item, then we have it cleaned, deodorized, and then we store your items until your home is repaired.

Emergency Corrosion Mitigation

During a fire, smoke can actually infiltrate the structure of a building. Once the smoke mixes with moisture in the air, another substance can form that is extremely corrosive and cause a second wave of damage to your home or building. Some surfaces that are susceptible to this corrosive substance include stone, marble, granite, glass, and aluminum counters, light fixtures, cabinets, or appliances. To keep the contents of your home safe from damage, we treat these surfaces and items with a corrosion inhibitor.

State-of-the-Art Contents Cleaning and Restoration Facility

One of the benefits of working with us at Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services is our state-of-the-art restoration and cleaning facility, as well as our secure storage space for our clients’ items, while their home is being repaired.

No Stress, Full-Service Move-Back

The other great and unique benefit of working with Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services is our move-back service. Before removing your belongings from your home, our professional technicians take pictures of where the items were located within your home. After we take the items and clean them, we bring them back to your home and put them back in the exact same spots we took them from. We will also unpack smaller items from boxes and put those back in their original locations. We want to make the restoration process as simple as possible for you and your family!

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