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Emergency Seattle Hardwood Floor Drying & Water Removal

Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services is your fast solution for Seattle hardwood floor drying, tile floor drying and emergency floor water removal. Quick service to Seattle, Kent, Bellevue, Everett and the Tacoma area.

Hardwood and tile floors require special attention from restorative drying companies. Many people believe that replacement is the only option when their hardwood floor is affected in a water loss. But this is not always the case.

When Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services is called into action on a water loss before the floors have begun to buckle (buckling occurs when the nails begin to pull through the floor), in most cases we are able to save the floor. Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services can formulate a plan to put our Injectidry system to work for you. This top-rated equipment, when paired with our hardwood floor drying panels, has saved many homeowners and insurance companies thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Drying Hardwood Floors

We are insurance claims specialists, using the same insurance industry standard estimating software to give you the fairest quote possible. Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services has done work for several of the insurance companies in the Puget Sound area, and chances are we have worked with yours. We are a certified IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) firm, adhering to all standards.

In the event of an emergency or disaster, it is important to have a reliable source that you can count on.

Hardwood Floor Drying in Progress! How does it work?

During our hardwood floor drying service, we place panels on the hardwood floor with an airtight seal placed around the edges. Small air lines are then attached to holes in the panel. The other end of the line is connected to the larger suction line. This line is connected to the Injectidry system, forming suction underneath the panels. Air will travel from between the subfloor and the hardwood floor through the grooves between the boards, bringing with it any moisture. This system combined with very dry air from our desiccant dehumidifiers will pull the moisture right out of the wood.

Drying Kitchen Hardwood Floors

When dealing with any water loss, a fast response time to wherever you are in Greater Seattle is a critical factor in mitigating the loss, and it is especially important in the case of hardwood floors. The longer they are wet, the greater the chance that buckling will occur. So the next time you’re dealing with a wet hardwood floor, don’t just count it as a loss, count on Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services to get it dried in a hurry!

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Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services offers emergency water damage and sewer damage cleanup service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our immediate response team of certified experienced technicians and the newest state-of-the-art equipment will provide all that is required to get you back to your pre-loss condition. Our staff has four decades of combined experience with water damage and sewer damage cleanup.

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