Trusted Damage Restoration Insurance Claim Assistance and Damage Restoration in Greater Seattle-Tacoma

Washington Water Damage & Cleaning Services is a disaster restoration company delivering trusted damage insurance claim tips and guidance in the Seattle-Tacoma Metro area. We know exactly how to handle a water or fire insurance claim. After a flood, water damage, or fire, our team is ready and willing to help. Our team will help Seattle area property owners navigate the damage insurance claim process. We have experience with a wide range of property damage restoration situations: small and large fires, water damage, and more on different commercial and residential properties.

Not sure what comes next after property damage occurs? 

If you are not sure what comes next after damage occurs, make sure you contact Washington Water Damage’ today! Find out how we help homeowners and property owners with damage restoration services in Seattle-Tacoma. We’ll make sure you know everything you’ll need to know about your property damage, and how to recover with the help of your disaster insurance claim in Seattle-Tacoma Metro.

Greater Seattle Disaster Insurance Claim Tips:

  1. Read your insurance policy and know your rights.
  2. Contact your insurance company to make a claim. Don’t delay.
  3. If you have lost your insurance documents request a replacement copy.
  4. Take video or pictures of all damaged property.
  5. Take detailed notes.
  6. Keep a copy of all paperwork.
  7. Keep a receipt of every penny you must spend as a result of the disaster
  8. Try to protect your remaining property to prevent further damage. Do what you can — without jeopardizing your safety — to prevent further damage or losses.
  9. Make a detailed list of every item damaged for your insurance claim.
  10. Estimate the value of your damaged or destroyed property.

If you have a fire, water damage, or flooding, call us now for a fast response to your damage restoration service in Seattle-Tacoma Metro Area and expert damage insurance claim tips and guidance.



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